A little bit of inspiration, a little bit of adventure. Guess, that’s what life is all about.

A beginner, a learner ..trying to give life a beautiful meaning.

I am a hobbyist Photographer. I am also a certified mountaineer in Uttarakhand.

Talking about my mountaineering experience, I use this as an ability to reach and collect pictures of isolated and difficult to reach destinations, away from civilization. I have a “Basic mountaineering course” certification from ABVIMAS, MANALI (H.P.) and a “basic rock climbing course” certification from SVIM, Mt. Abu (Rajasthan).

I have prints of many exotic hill stations. Earlier I was a hobbyist and now I am looking into this, professionally. I am also looking for projects to work in and have a will to learn.

I love to hike in the mountains, and do this very often and hence a sense of duty prevails in me that the wonders, the beauty and the magic that I witness in these mountains, must be brought in front of world, which comprises of the people who have never witnessed it, as if to tempt them, along with those who have been there and need another invitation.



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  1. yash sagar says:

    nice post thanks for sharing keep it up..!


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